Strategic Plan 2017-2022 | Strategic Priorities | GGC Culture

Georgia Gwinnett College has had a remarkable first decade, but we’re just getting started. Our students deserve access to an affordable, high-quality education. Period.

For the next five years, we will advance this institution on behalf of our students, enhance the student experience, and enable our students to thrive in an environment that is ready and designed for them to succeed.

We will be a student-ready college that prepares all of our students for a world that is changing rapidly.

— Stas Preczewski, President

Georgia Gwinnett College was founded in 2005 and its first strategic plan was created in 2006-2007 – a plan to stand up a brand-new college.

Graduate moving tassel

The next plan, created in 2012, was a plan to evolve the still new, but now established, College to its next stage. It was a plan to build on what has been a remarkable success story that established a strong base in terms of accomplishments, rapid growth in number of students and faculty, and facilities, despite a challenging economic environment.

Now, the period of fast growth is leveling out and it is time to plan for the future as a maturing College. GGC has identified the strategic priorities that enable its students to advance, enhance and thrive in the future.