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02-22-2022 3:32 PM Crime Alert Campus Armed Robbery:

Incident Date/Time: 3:32 pm, February 22,2022

Incident Location: GGC Parking Deck, 4th Level

Incident Description: A female victim reported at 3:59 pm her vehicle had been broken into sometime between 1:45 pm and 3:30 pm on February 22, 2022 and person(s) unknown had stolen her firearm. During the ongoing investigation, the victim later admitted that she had come to the campus to sell some marijuana to an individual. It was established that the victim had not been on campus until 3:32 pm and she drove to the top floor of the parking deck where she met with the two unknown suspects.  Both suspects entered her car, one in the front seat and one in the back seat.  The suspect in the back seat pushed a handgun into her side and demanded her money, drugs and stole her pistol. Both suspects exited vehicle, ran down the stairs and left the area. The incident was captured on security cameras. The victim is not affiliated with the College.

Description of Suspects:
Suspect One
Black male, Dark skin, approximately 20 years of age, between 5’11 and 6’0
Black hoodie, black pants and white shoes
Armed with a handgun

Suspect Two
Black male, Dark skin, approximately 18 to 20, between 5’10 to 5’11  
White hoodie with playboy club on front, black pants and white shoes

Description of Suspect Vehicle: 
White Toyota Camry

Status of Investigation: This incident is being investigated by the Campus Police Department. Report any information regarding this and other criminal incidents to Campus Police at 678-407-5333.

See Something, Say Something
Report any information regarding this and other criminal incidents to the Georgia Gwinnett College Police Department at 678-407-5333 or by Reporting a Crime online. In addition, you can help Campus Police and the community fight crime. Don’t look the other way or ignore.

08-17-2021 2:17 PM Crime Alert Violent crime on campus - UPDATE 2:

As shared via Rave and GGC email alerts last week (August 13, 2021), a female non-resident student reported to campus police she was sexually attacked at or about 10 p.m. (August 12, 2021) as she walked alone to her car in the Building A parking lot. As a result of a thorough police investigation that included detailed review of all security camera footage, numerous witness interviews, Information Technology data logs, and victim interviews, it was determined that no sexual assault occurred on the Georgia Gwinnett College campus. Additional facts revealed the alleged victim was not present on campus that day (August 12, 2021). We understand the confusion and anxiety that this event created on our campus, but please be assured that the Office of Public Safety takes all allegations seriously, rigorously investigates any potential wrong-doing, and remains fully committed to ensuring your safety.

08-13-2021 5:07 AM Crime Alert Violent crime on campus:

Female victim reported at 3:15 AM on August 13, 2021 that on or about 10:00 PM on August 12, 2021 she was walking alone to her car in A Building parking lot after class. She told police she was struck from behind by an unknown person and then sexually assaulted. Victim was unable to provide any description of the attacker. Police have increased patrols in the area as the investigation continues. Anyone who may have more information or might have witnessed this crime are asked to contact campus police at 678-407-5333.

02-14-2021 1:06 AM Crime Alert Crime Alert - Armed Robbery:


Crime Alerts are posted in an effort to make the GGC Community aware of any situation that poses a potential threat to the safety and well-being of those who live, work, study and visit the campus. By keeping you aware of crimes occurring in your community the Campus Police hope to encourage you to become actively involved in crime prevention. Personal safety practices and knowledge are your best defense against crime. This alert has been approved by Chief Terrance Schneider, of the Campus Police and is intended to promote safety on campus and comply, in part, with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990.


On February 14, 2021, at approximately 1:06 AM. Campus police made contact with a Gwinnett County Police Officer near the Tennis facility on Collins Hill Road. The Tennis facility is approximately Northwest of the soccer fields.


The County Officer, stated that a possible armed robbery had occurred at 1352 Collins Hill Road, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043. The last known direction of travel of the suspects was North on Collins Hill Road towards Russell Road. The vehicle was described to be a Dark-colored pickup truck. Possibly black or maroon in color. The vehicle was believed to be occupied by a male and female subject.


The description of the female subject was not given. This was due to other Gwinnett County Police Officers intercepting the vehicle at Riverside Parkway. The County officers apprehended the female subject. The male subject was not present at that time. Campus police assisted by conducting area checks at the Tennis facility, and the surrounding subdivisions. Tennis facility was secure, and the surrounding subdivisions were clear at that time.


Gwinnett County Police Officers are still on the lookout for the male subject.


MALE SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: The male subject was described as a light-skinned black male wearing a dark-colored t-shirt. The male subject was bald as well.


CRIME PREVENTION TIPS: 1. Try always to find a friend to accompany you outside late at night. Even when planning to be gone just a short time. 2. Be mindful of your surroundings and place a safe distance between you and potential hiding places. 3. Report any and all suspicious people and incidents to the police immediately.

For more information on campus crime and safety, contact:  Phone: 678.407.5333
TTY for the Deaf: 678.985.3144   Email:

01-28-2021 11:58 AM Crime Alert All clear: All clear. Resume normal operations.
01-28-2021 11:29 AM Crime Alert All Clear: All Clear. Resume normal operations.  Police will continue increased patrols on campus.
01-28-2021 11:09 AM Crime Alert GGC HARD LOCKDOWN MSG2:

Shooting nearby campus at Sugar Mill Apartments. Suspect is described as a black male in a white t-shirt and dirty sweatpants. Gwinnett County is tracking. Possibly armed and dangerous.

01-28-2021 10:41 AM Crime Alert GGC HARD LOCKDOWN MSG1: Violent threat on GGC campus.  Find safe area, LOCK and BARRICADE doors.  If near a building ENTER.  Police responding. Updates to follow. Employees report your status to your supervisor.
01-28-2021 10:40 AM Crime Alert GGC SOFT LOCKDOWN MSG1: Active Threat Near Campus. Find safe area or remain in building.
11-09-2019 4:00 PM Crime Alert Update on Campus Incident, Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019:

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, at approximately 11:30 a.m., a person reported an armed robbery in the Building A parking lot during an exchange of items. GGC Police, City of Lawrenceville Police and Gwinnett County Police all immediately responded to the incident.

As the situation unfolded, a shot was fired into the victim’s vehicle by the suspect who then fled on foot. There were no injuries. Police have a description of the suspect and this is an ongoing investigation by GGC Police. At this time, it is believed that the parties involved were not affiliated with GGC.

At 12:35 p.m., an all-clear was sent to campus. The safety of our campus community is of utmost importance. Please expect additional police presence for the remainder of the day.

11-09-2019 12:39 PM Crime Alert GGC SOFT LOCKDOWN MSG2: All clear. Resume normal operations. Increased police presence will remain on campus.
11-09-2019 11:59 AM Crime Alert Armed Robbery - A Building Parking Lot - Soft Lockdown: GGC SOFT LOCK DOWN. Armed Robbery A Building Parking Lot. Find safe area or remain in building.