Public Safety

How safe is campus?

Georgia Gwinnett College has campus police and security officers who patrol campus by vehicle and on foot during normal business hours.

How do I report suspicious or criminal activity?

If you are the victim of or witness to suspicious or criminal activity, call Public Safety at 678.407.5333, come to Building D or complete the Report a Crime form. Public Safety will investigate all complaints. Violations of the law can result in charges.

Are Public Safety officers real police officers?

Yes. Sworn Public Safety officers complete training at a regional law enforcement training center and have the same powers of arrest as any other peace officer in the state.

Does GGC have an emergency alert notification system?

Yes. We can communicate with students, faculty, staff and administration in the event of an emergency. This system includes the capability of sending messages by cell phone, digital pager, wireless PDA devices, email and through our website. Messages can be sent to thousands of people in less than one minute. View more information about the alert notification app.

Where is lost and found?

Building D, Room 1123.