Report an emergency.

Early Warning System

For critical communications, GGC uses an early notification system that includes rapid text, email, and voice alert, a siren system, as well as website and social media postings, to communicate effectively and quickly when necessary. Each listed method of communication may be used by itself or in conjunction with any of the other listed communications, depending on the situation.

Alert Notification Applications

Please review the Safety and Emergency Communications page.

Siren System

The outdoor emergency notification siren is the quickest way to inform the campus community about an imminent, life-threatening emergency. Although the siren may be heard in some buildings, it is intended to alert personnel outside.

Website Notifications

The GGC website has the capability to swap to a “Bulletin” or “Emergency Communication” format, where the slideshow on the homepage displays detailed information about alerts. Website notifications supplement other, more direct means of communication, such as fire alarms and sirens, and alert messaging.

Social Media

GGC uses its Facebook and Twitter pages as an additional outlet for communicating with community members. Like the GGC website, these social media posts supplement more direct means of communication.

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