Report an emergency.



Immediate Actions

If You are INDOORS

  • Get under a desk, table, or supported doorway. 
  • Stay away from glass windows, shelves, and heavy equipment. 
  • Immediately evacuate the building when the earthquake is over and go to building assembly area. 
  • Notify first responders of any injured/trapped inside building. 
  • Assist the building manager in accounting for occupants. 
  • Assist injured persons. 


  • Stay in the open, away from structures, until shaking subsides. 
  • Beware of fires, downed utility lines, and aftershocks. 
  • Assist with evacuation of the buildings if requested by first responders.

If You are DRIVING

  • Pull to the side of the road, and stop away from buildings, trees, overpasses. 
  • Avoid utility lines or other objects that may fall. 
  • Set brakes and turn off the ignition. 
  • Stay in the vehicle until the earthquake is over

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