Report an emergency.



Immediate Actions 

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm and call Public Safety at 678.407.5333 or 911. 
  • Knock on doors and yell “Fire” as you exit the building. 
  • Evacuate the building. 
  • Help others who need assistance to move to a safe area. 
  • Do not use elevators. 
  • Close doors as you leave. DO NOT lock doors. 
  • If you must open a door to exit, feel the door with the back of your hand. Do not open if door is hot. 
  • Once outside, get far away from building and report to your designated assembly area. If you do not know your assembly area look for where people are gathering and join them. 
  • Notify emergency response personnel of any persons injured within the building or needing assistance. 
  • Assist the building manager with gaining personnel accountability. 
  • Re-enter the building when advised by emergency personnel. 

If Trapped in a Building

  • Remain calm. 
  • Call Public Safety at 678.407.5333 or 911 and provide your name, phone number and location. 
  • Open a window and hang a piece of clothing outside to mark your whereabouts for rescue workers. 
  • Stay near the floor, where visibility will be better and the air will be less toxic. 
  • Periodically call out loudly for help so rescue workers can locate you. Move away from flammable liquids, compressed gas cylinders, etc.

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