Report an emergency.

Hazardous Materials Incident


Immediate Actions

  • DO NOT attempt to clean up the accident unless you are trained or authorized to do so. 
  • Take immediate steps to clear personnel from the spill or hazard area. 
  • Do not let others enter the area. 
  • Help anyone who requires assistance. 
  • Call Public Safety at 678.407.5333, and follow their instructions. 
  • Typically, the building manager, senior first responder, or Incident Commander will approve a building or area evacuation order. Generally, the evacuation notification will include pulling the fire alarm. 
  • If an evacuation order is given, proceed to the building assembly area for accountability and await instructions. 
  • If the accident occurs outdoors, immediately proceed upwind from the incident location at least 300 feet. 
  • Eye or skin contact: Flush the affected area immediately with running water. If a corrosive material comes in contact with the eyes, seconds count – use any available water source to wash away the contaminant. Have someone call Public Safety at 678.407.5333. Continue rinsing the skin or eyes until help arrives.

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