Report an emergency.

Lockdown Procedures

A campus lockdown is used in response to a violent crime or similar dangerous situation on or near the campus where sheltering in the building may offer the safest course of action.

GGC uses the terms "Hard Lockdown" and "Soft Lockdown" (as does the Gwinnett County Public School System) to indicate procedures for different levels of threat.

Hard Lockdown

Active threat on campus.

Immediate Actions

  • Immediately cease all activity. 
  • If outdoors, depart campus or go into the nearest building and/or proceed to an area that can be secured. 
  • If inside a building, enter the nearest classroom, office or secure space with locking capabilities. 
  • If the door will not lock, barricade it with chairs, desks, and other materials. 
  • Turn off lights, televisions, radios, and computer screens. 
  • Be calm and quiet and account for students and employees. 
  • Ignore any fire alarm bells.

Soft Lockdown

Active threat near campus or potentially dangerous situation on campus.

Immediate Actions

  • Building managers will ensure all entrances and exits are secured. Contract guards and public safety will assist. 
  • Personnel evacuated from outside areas will enter the building through the front entrance, or least exposed door. 
  • Activity such as teaching and office work may continue. 
  • Stay away from glass doors and large glass windows. 
  • Be prepared for an escalation in the lockdown status. Know where you will go to be behind a locked door.

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