Report an emergency.

Severe Weather



  • A Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes to develop, but there is not an imminent threat. Be prepared to seek shelter. 
  • A Tornado Warning means a tornado has been detected and an imminent threat to life and property has developed. Seek shelter immediately. 
  • Know the location of your building severe weather shelter areas ahead of time. These are marked with signage.

Immediate Actions

  • Monitor local weather for updates via TV/radio stations, NOAA weather radio, and or weather related websites. 
  • Be prepared to move to your building severe weather shelter. 
  • If a tornado warning affects GGC, alert others as you move to the severe weather shelter. DO NOT pull the fire alarm to alert others. 
  • Severe weather shelters are ideally on the lowest floor, interior hallways/ rooms, and away from windows and exterior doors. 
  • Be a calm, positive example for others. 
  • Wait for an ALL CLEAR message before departing the severe weather shelter. 
  • If outdoors (with no time to seek shelter indoors), shelter in a ditch or other low-lying area.

Winter Weather

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