Report an emergency.

Utility Outage/Elevator Failure


Immediate Actions

  • Immediately report utility failures during regular work hours (Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) to the Facilities at 678.407.5900. 
  • Immediately report utility failures after regular work hours, on weekends and on holidays to Facilities at 404.643.3949 / 678.507.6012 and Public Safety at 678.407.5333.

Power Outage

  • Report the outage to Facilities and Public Safety. 
  • Help co-workers in darkened areas move to safer locations. 
  • Unplug personal computers, appliances and non-essential electrical equipment. 
  • Open windows for additional light and ventilation. 
  • Check building elevators for stranded personnel. Advise Public Safety of locations of disabled elevators. 
  • Follow the instructions provided by Facilities/Public Safety.

Water Outage

  • Report the outage to Facilities and Public Safety. 
  • Follow the instructions provided by Facilities /Public Safety.

Gas Leaks

  • Evacuate the area immediately. 
  • DO NOT attempt to shut off or manipulate valves. 
  • DO NOT pull fire alarm, touch light switches or engage electrical equipment. 
  • Activate building emergency notification procedures to ensure everyone in the building is notified. 
  • Call Facilities and Public Safety to report the problem. 
  • DO NOT switch on lights or any other electrical equipment. 
  • Do not smoke within 500 feet of the leak. 
  • If leak is outside, DO NOT remove any vehicles from the immediate area until cleared by Public Safety. 
  • Account for all building personnel once outside and wait for further instructions from Public Safety.

Elevator Failure

  • An officer will be dispatched to the building in case of an elevator entrapment to assess the situation. 
  • Remain calm and await the arrival of an elevator service technician.

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