Date: March 30, 2020
To: GGC Community
From: Dr. Jann L. Joseph, President
Subject: GGC's new normal

Dear GGC community,

The situation we find ourselves in is one none of us could have imaged just a few weeks ago. We have been challenged to rethink the way to conduct our day-to-day lives as we search for the normalcy that once dominated our thoughts and actions. While there is still a great deal of uncertainty in some areas of our lives, there are also some things we can be certain about and hold onto as we create our new normal.
Today is an exciting day for us. Our parking lots, walkways and classrooms may not be filled, but the virtual world of learning is full around GGC. While the college has been utilizing a modified operation structure, we have rallied to ensure we are amply prepared for the return to online classes. Countless efforts have been made to further organize our resources around the online platform and utilize the infrastructure in place to ensure the remainder of the spring semester is successful. 
We have developed a robust FAQ site to serve as the central source of information related to the campus, classes, events, housing, library, refunds and services that support the online teaching and learning environment as well as the health and safety of our campus community. 
I am particularly excited about the online offerings, including the Student Success Advising through the Mentoring and Advising Center, and the opportunity for online tutoring. The Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center is open online with the full array of resources available and the technology support is in place to support a collaborative and productive online presence. 
We have been able to keep moving on important efforts within the college to include interviews with candidates for several of our dean positions. These virtual interactions included a town hall structure as we continue our efforts in sourcing top talent to support our institution. Online communications tools have allowed us to interact with individuals in an open and productive way through the virtual world. Meetings and interactions are also taking place on a regular basis between faculty, staff and students. So much so, they are becoming second nature. 
I encourage you to dig into the remainder of this semester with a high level of commitment and resolve. While we are still in the midst of a true struggle, this is one that we will overcome and will come out on the other side with newfound strength and resiliency. We are, after all, GGC Grizzlies. We are grounded in the four pillars of scholarship, leadership, service and creativity, and we will use these attributes to find our way back.
Together let’s adapt and craft a future that includes the knowledge and skills we are gaining through this experience. Please engage with each other through the tools and resources we have in place and hold yourself and others to the guidelines to keep ourselves safe and prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. I have every confidence that this experience will not be lost on us, but will serve as the foundation of the next big wave in higher education. 

Dr. Jann L. Joseph