Date: Aug. 26, 2020
To: GGC Community
From: Public Safety, Chief Terrance Schneider
Subject: GGC’s COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool

GGC’s COVID-19 Self-screening Tool is Here!

Georgia Gwinnett College is launching its Daily Health Screen, a web-based assessment tool powered by LiveSafe, which allows members to self-monitor COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. The app will facilitate the sharing of information both internally and with the Georgia Department of Public Health when required. Health experts recommend everyone using the app daily.

The LiveSafe tool, called Daily Health Screen, will help provide a quick response when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at GGC, putting you in direct contact with the campus designated coordinator for assistance and expediting the cleaning and sanitizing processes.

  • The tool consists of an app survey, which can be accessed through a button on the LiveSafe app. 
  • While the symptom check is strongly encouraged, anyone with a positive test should report the test in the Daily Health Screen.
  • Notification of a positive test by a student will alert the GGC Health Center, a designated coordinator will then reach out to help coordinate medical and other assistance. Students must still report positive tests using the COVID-19 Student Form
  • Notification of a positive test by an employee will alert the director of Payroll and Benefits.
  • Notification to facilities management for cleaning will be by location only. No personal identifying information will be shared.
  • Finally – and very importantly – anyone reporting positive tests will be asked to recall their contacts. This information will be shared safely and securely with the Georgia Department of Public Health to help facilitate contact tracing.
  • Daily Health Check is a HIPPA-compliant platform and does not track the location of users.

Learn more and download LiveSafe.

Terrance Schneider
AVP Operations/Chief of Police