GGC takes student success seriously. That's why you're supported from day-one of your acceptance through programs like Grizzly Success.

Grizzly Success provides enhanced programming that supports freshmen students during their first semester. It's mandatory for all first-time freshmen admitted to GGC with a 2.0-2.25 GPA, and there are no additional costs for this beneficial resource beyond the tuition and fees for enrolled credit hours. Participants may either live on campus or commute.

Learning Community with Pre-selected Courses

During Grizzly Orientation, Grizzly Success students enroll in pre-selected courses to become part of a learning community. Which community you join is determined by your test scores (ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER) and includes what you need to succeed. Here's what to expect:

  • 12-15 credit hours for your first semester
    • English 0999/1101 or English 1101
    • Mathematics 1111, based on your test score and focus area
    • GGC 1000 (First-Year Seminar)
    • Your choice of a general education course

Advising Support

All GGC students are assigned advisors to ensure you stay on track and get the support you need to meet arising challenges and take advantage of beneficial opportunities. Grizzly Success students are required to meet with advisors every two weeks.

Enrichment Activities

Grizzly Success students also participate in enrichment activities – workshops, tutoring and others activities – to help you continue building the skills needed to thrive.