Cultivate Your Analytical Thinking

Mathematics offers a universal, undisputable means to communicate complex ideas, creating opportunities in almost every field – from business to healthcare, education, government, forensics and national security.

And best of all, GGC’s unique focus on student engagement serves students at all levels – including freshmen – with faculty/student collaborations on research projects, conference presentations, even co-authoring articles published in academic journals.


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Why GGC?

Access to four-year degrees for more people, where potential trumps privilege, and tenacity and commitment matter more than one’s academic past. Honors Program? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Attentive education that focuses on your success with faculty mentorships that linger even after graduation. Standards are high, but you’ve got this with access to tutoring and options to text professors for help.

GGC’s innovative practices, caring culture and affordable tuition are changing the game in higher education, and changing the future for students at all levels, of all ages, from all walks of life. 

Apply now for your #ggcGameChanging opportunity.

Beyond the Classroom

Challenge. Question. Collaborate. Contribute. Faculty not only conduct innovative research, but their focus on student engagement creates meaningful learning experiences for student researchers, even at the freshman level. Get Involved!

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