Barbara Mann

Ms. Barbara Mann

Dean of Library Services

Franklin Roberts

Mr. Franklin Roberts

Assistant Dean of the Library, Librarian III, Associate Professor

Katherine Azzolino

Ms. Katherine Azzolino

Part-time Library Assistant I – Access Services

Stephanie Bennett

Mrs. Stephanie Bennett

Library Technical Assistant – Stacks Manager

Joye Cauthen

Ms. Joye Cauthen

Acquisitions Librarian, Instructor, Librarian I

Kay Chatham

Ms. Kay Chatham

Library Technical Assistant, Circulation Manager

Catherine Downey

Ms. Catherine Jannik Downey

Head of Access Services and Information Commons

Beth Felosi

Ms Beth Felosi

Library Assistant III

Kathryn Greer

Ms. Kathryn A. Greer

Systems and Digital Content Librarian

Adrienne Harmer

Ms. Adrienne Harmer

Instruction Coordinator, Assistant Department Head

Sara Housworth

Ms Sara Housworth

Part-time Librarian

Christopher Jamison

Mr. Christopher Jamison

Library Technical Assistant – Information Commons Manager

Dana Johnson

Ms. Dana Johnson

Reference and Instructional Librarian, Assistant, Librarian II

Patti Lee

Ms. Patti Lee

Head of Research Services

Margaret McGaughey

Ms. Margaret Anne McGaughey

Library Operations Coordinator

Maicey Melville

Maicey Melville

Part-time Library Assistant I, Access Services

David Minchew

Mr. David Minchew

Reference and Instruction Librarian

Bethany Nash

Ms. Bethany Nash

Assistant Head of Collections/Collections Manager, Librarian II, Assistant Professor

Vicki Parsons

Ms Vicki Parsons

Head of Collections

Marie Richardson

Ms Marie Richardson

Part-time Librarian

Sala Shierling

Ms. Sala Shierling

Part-time Reference Services Librarian

Hugh Shipman

Mr. Hugh Shipman

Library Assistant II

Maxine Small

Ms. Maxine Small

Library Assistant III

Joseph Tiller

Mr. Joseph Tiller

Part-time Library Assistant I – Access Services

Leslie Wilson

Mrs. Leslie Wilson

Administrative Assistant III – Library