Global Grizzlies logo: take i-courses, get globalGGC’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is Internationalization of the Curriculum: Engaging the World to Develop Global Citizens.

Three years of college-wide research and planning, with the involvement of many students, faculty and staff, led to the selection of our QEP topic and the development of the plan.  GGC's QEP aligns with our overall mission to produce graduates who are prepared to anticipate and respond effectively to an uncertain and changing world, and it has been strongly embraced by the College.

The QEP affords GGC students the opportunity to take courses that contain substantial breadth and depth of international content, which provides them with broader global awareness and perspectives. Our students also can receive an elective Global Studies Certification in international competence when they complete required upper division internationalized courses, a credit-bearing study abroad program or course offered in an international location, and demonstrate proficiency in a language other than their native language.

Students who take advantage of these opportunities will be better prepared to contribute to the global environment they will be entering.