Faculty professional development is critical to the success of the QEP. It equips appropriate faculty and staff with the knowledge and skills needed to design, deliver or support the delivery of an internationalized curriculum. It is fostered through a two-pronged professional development program. Attendance at the first part, the Internationalized Learning Essentials Forum (ILE Forum), is required of all new full-time faculty members. This forum comprises a total of four hours of orientation in which the implementation of concepts of internationalized learning on faculty members’ own teaching and their students’ learning are considered. Two and a half hours of the forum are provided at new faculty orientation in August of each year. The final 1.5 hours are provided in two professional development sessions during the fall semester. The ILE Forum is led by faculty facilitators.

The second part of faculty professional development, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Internationalized Learning Program (ILP), is a semester-long “deep” training faculty development program designed to help faculty gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to successfully incorporate substantial breadth and depth of international content into their courses. Participation in the ILP is voluntary. Completion of the program contributes significantly to the Informed Pedagogy and Instructional Design areas of a faculty member's annual evaluation. The ILP is led by faculty facilitators.

Faculty who revise or develop a course during the CTE Internationalized Learning Program prepare a course portfolio during the program to provide to the QEP Assessment Committee for review. The QEP Assessment Committee will review the course against the operational definition of an i-course.