i-courses are those courses offered by GGC that have been intentionally designed to promote student learning and development in relation to the College’s 2013-2018 Quality Enhancement Plan.

These courses are intended to provide students with opportunities to build intercultural competence and skill. As such, i-courses contain both a high level of international content and the requirements and activities needed to promote student success in achieving the desired learning outcomes at an appropriate level for a given course. The QEP Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) address three broad areas of competence: intercultural awareness (SLOs 1 and 2), communication and collaboration (SLOs 3 and 4), and application (SLO 5). 

Operational Definition of an i-course

A course is considered an i-course if it:
  1. Has a score of three or four on the Content Rubric, indicating that over 30% of the course material is international or global in focus;
  2. Addresses a minimum of two of the QEP SLOs, drawn from two separate SLO categories as determined by the Outcomes Rubric;
    1. Category 1 is Cultural Awareness and includes SLOs 1 and 2,
    2. Category 2 is Communication and Collaboration and includes SLOs 3 and 4, and
    3. Category 3 is Application/Problem Solving and includes SLO 5.
  3. Expects students to demonstrate competence at a developmentally appropriate level, i.e.:
    1. For lower level courses, a minimum of two SLOs (in 2 of 3 categories) must be met at least at the novice level.  
    2. For upper level courses, a minimum of two SLOs (in 2 of 3 categories) must be met at least at the developing level.
A course must be verified as an i-course against the operational definition of an i-course above. A faculty member who develops or revises a course either through the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Internationalized Learning Program (ILP) or individually may submit the course to the QEP Assessment Committee for review and verification. Required information and course materials are to be posted on the QEP Portfolio Course Repository (requires login) for review. The QEP Assessment Committee will review the course once all materials are submitted and notify the submitting faculty member when a decision is made.

Read these frequently asked questions (FAQs) about i-courses to learn more.