As an integral part of Georgia Gwinnett College, the School of Health Sciences Nursing Program is also dedicated to a holistic nursing education based on a strong foundation in liberal arts, math, science and technology. The following list highlights aspects from the Nursing Program Philosophy (PDF).

Georgia Gwinnett College’s Nursing Program

  • Prepares leaders to manage care and promote positive transformations for the health of individuals, families, groups, communities, populations, systems and for nursing practices;
  • Nurtures an emphasis of caring that guides and transforms the practice of nursing toward improved health;
  • Encourages nurses who assist individuals in achieving a positive state of being that includes all dimensions of life and employs patient-centered focus of care;
  • Develops nurses who function collaboratively and autonomously within professional standards and engage in self-reflection, self-regulation and commitment to professional development;
  • Emphasizes concepts, creativity and critical thinking as tools to create new knowledge and solve problems – both intraprofessionally and interdisciplinarily; and
  • Invites faculty who view themselves as collaborators, directors of learning and role models for the evolving nurse and support students’ self-development as nursing professionals prepared for 21st century global health care needs.