crestThe upper field of the Crest is adorned with "Georgia Gwinnett College" in crisp, bold white letters on a field of green, representing strength, innovation and leadership. These are seen as key aspects of the new College that seeks to pursue the quality of traditional academic training and aspires to remain at the forefront of new technologies and methods for delivering that education. Green is synonymous with growth and the lush surrounding landscape of Gwinnett County, emphasizing the dynamic and progressive mission of the institution and its boundless potential. The College is underscored with "School of Science & Technology" in forward-leaning letters, indicating the School’s vision for innovative science and technology education and research.

The lower field of the Crest is highlighted with a bold green chevron, signifying strength and motion. The chevron points upward to the College and School names, depicting the School’s position as an operating unit of Georgia Gwinnett College, and illuminates an upward path to the future. Adorning the chevron are four stars, which symbolize the College’s core values of “Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Creativity.”

The chevron divides the lower field into three sub-fields, representing the broad disciplines of the School. Mathematics is the foundational discipline upon which science and technology are built and is symbolized with the Greek letter pi, the mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space. Science is symbolized with the atom, as atomic theory ushered in the era of modern, atomic and molecular based science. Technology is symbolized with the lighting bolt, which represents the power of electricity which has enabled technological advancement in the 21st Century. The chevron unifies and directs these disciplines into the whole that is the School of Science and Technology.