Rising 6th through 9th grade students

Campers at their computer adding final adjustments to their robot.

STEM Academy's Information Technology Scholars Program is specially designed to introduce and engage middle school students for a week-long learning excursion in technology.


Student Expectations

Georgia Gwinnett College has high expectations for all students. These expectations are designed to promote the well-being of each student and to ensure that each child is able to reach his/her fullest potential. STEM Academy participants must abide by the following or be subject to dismissal from the program:

  1. Carrying weapons is strictly prohibited on the GGC campus, including guns, knives, switchblades, pocketknives and any other instrument that could be used as a weapon.
  2. Only authorized persons are allowed to sign off and pick up a STEM Academy participant. Students must be picked up by the stated pickup time. Failing to do so will result in dismissal from the program.
  3. Scholars should respect GGC property and the feelings of fellow scholars, faculty mentors and student mentors, as well as others not directly associated with the program.
  4. Always act in a manner that will promote a classmate's opportunity to learn.
  5. Have a positive attitude about learning and involvement at the program.
  6. Politely communicate any concerns directly to faculty mentors or student mentors.

Most importantly, have fun!