The School of Business faculty engage in a wide variety of research. We publish articles and present papers focusing on applied, discipline-based, and teaching and learning scholarship. This enables us to provide you with a rich and dynamic academic experience.

In the past five years alone the school’s faculty have produced over 865 peer reviewed journal articles, presentations, cases and other contributions in our fields. Here is a small sample of our most recent research.

Journal Publications

Akins, B. W., Gordon, J. M., & Chapman, J. L. (in press, 2020). Fiduciary Duty Within The Parent-Adolescent Entrepreneurial Relationship. Cumberland Law Review.

Partridge, M., Schaller, T. K., Berry, R., & Routon, P. W. (2020). The Economic Benefit from Tuition Savings for Dual Enrollment Students in Georgia. Journal of School Choice.

Berry, R. L., & Routon, P. Wesley (2020). Soft Skill Change Perceptions of Accounting Majors: Current Practitioner Views Versus Their Own Reality. Journal of Accounting Education.

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Brown, S., Marinan, J., & Partridge, M. A. (in press, 2020). The Moderating Effect of Servant Leadership on Transformational, Transactional, Authentic, and Charismatic Leadership. Journal of International Business Disciplines.

Bursuc, V. (in press, 2020). Strategies for Effective Online Teaching in Higher Education. Business Education Innovation Journal.

Bursuc, V., & Wilsker, A. (in press, 2020). Thriving During a Crisis: Transferring Experiential Learning Online. Business Education Innovation Journal.

Clark, C. (in press, 2020). Does the Quiz Design Affect Student Preparation in a Flipped/Hybrid Business Course? Journal of the Academy of Business Education.

Gresch, E., Song, P., Rawls, J., Huff, K., & Cline, M. (2020). Business Student Perceptions of the Impact of Distracting Behaviors in the Classroom. Journal of the Academy of Business Education.

Romanow, D., Napier, N., & Cline, M. (2020). Using Active Learning, Group Formation and Discussion to Increase Student Learning: A Business Intelligence Skills Analysis. Journal of Information Systems Education.

Delaney, J., Sjoquist, D. L., & Wallace, S. (2020). Paying for Property Tax Assessment Quality: An Experiment. Hacienda Publica Espanola-Review of Public Economic.

Gresch, E., Saunders, M., & Rawls, J. (2020). Are We Bonding Yet? Using a Mixed Methods Survey Design to Evaluate Team-building Exercise Outcomes. Business Education Innovation Journal, 12 (1), 83-91.

Matti, J. (in press, 2020). Reaching for the Stars: Spatial Competition and Consumer Reviews. Atlantic Economic Journal.

Ellis, Y., & McCarron K., & Pinson, K. (in press, 2020). The effect of using an alternative approach to teaching double-entry accounting on student's performance in an Introductory Accounting course. University System of Georgia Gateways to Completion Case Studies.

Nath, A. (in press, 2021). The Role of Institution based Trust in IoT Environment: Towards a Theoretical Model. E-Journal of Business and Economic Issues.

Nath, A. (in press, 2020). Towards Understanding the Effects of Web 2.0 at the Project Level Knowledge Management on Projects' Success. Journal of Accounting, Business and Management.

Onodipe, G., Keengwe, J., & Cottrell-Yongye, A. (2020). Using Learning Management Systems to Promote Self-regulated Learning in a Flipped Classroom. Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology (JOTLT).

Onodipe, G., Robbins, M., Ayuninjam, G., Howse, T., Cottrell-Yongye, A., Jayme Curry-Savage (2020). Growth of Pedagogical Practice in an Active Multidisciplinary FLC on Flipped Learning. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, 14 (2).

Robbins, M., Onodipe, G., & Marks, A. (2020). Reflective Writing and Self-Regulated Learning in Multidisciplinary Flipped Classrooms. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 20 (3).

Park, T., & Ellis, Y. (2020). The effect of randomized versus nonrandomized data on accounting students' academic performance. AABRI Journal of Instructional Pedagogues, 23, 1-11.

Peppas, S. C., Peppas, S. R., Zhang, M. M., & Krill, A. L. (2020). A Qualitative Analysis of the Effects of a Short-Term Business Study Abroad Model: Perspectives from an Access Institution. Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 1, 1-18.

Ownby, D., & Routon, P. Wesley (2020). Tragedy following tragedies: Estimating the copycat effect of media-covered suicide in the age of digital news. American Economist.

Brock, J., & Routon, P. Wesley (in press, 2020). The effect of mass shootings on the demand for guns. Southern Economic Journal.

Saxena, A. (2020). Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Japanese Candlestick Patterns: A Statistical Analysis on the S&P 500 Index. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.

Schaller, T. K. (2020). Exploring the Marketplace: Scavenger Hunts as Field-based Experiential Learning. Marketing Education Review, 30 (2), 118-124.

Uvet, H., Celik, H., Cevikparmak, S., & Adana, S. (2020). Supply Chain Collaboration in Performance-based Contracting: An Empirical Research. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management.

Uvet, H. (2020). Importance of Logistics Service Quality in Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study. Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal.

Weisel, J. (in press, 2020). Analytics by Infusion (ABI): Implementing Data Analytics into Introductory Undergraduate Business Courses. Western Journal of Human Resource Management, 19 (1), 66-72.

Conference Presentations

Berry, Reanna, & Weisel, James. American Accounting Association Annual Meeting. Pursuing a Doctorate in Accounting: Work-Life Balance and Other Issues. 2020

Berry, Reanna. Association for Education Finance and Policy Annual Conference. The Economic Benefit from Tuition Savings for Dual Enrollment Students in Georgia. 2020

Berry, Reanna. Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Annual Conference. Pedagogical Perseverance during COVID-19. 2020

Bontrager, Marvin. Southwest Academy of Management. Utilizing a SRS in the Classroom: Teaching Management Through Technology. 2020

Brown, Steven. International Academy of Business Disciplines. Student Perceptions of Best and Worst Course Level Service Quality and Satisfaction in Comparison with Overall Service Quality and Satisfaction. 2020

Brown, Steven. International Academy of Business Disciplines. The Relationship between Servant Leadership, Psychological Safety and Effective Followership. 2020

Clark, Cheryl. Center for Scholastic Inquiry. Comparing Student Readiness for Blended Learning and Final Grades in Business Courses. 2020

Johnson, C. Douglas. Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists. Fear of falling, fear of failing: Running toward destiny. 2020

Johnson, C. Douglas. Clemson Men of Color National Summit. 2020 VISION needed for career success: Self-awareness in the "eye of the tiger". 2020

Johnson, C. Douglas. Management Doctoral Student Association Conference. Crafting Your CV

Matti, Joshua. Eastern Economic Association Conference. Frustrated Customers: The Effect of Unexpected Emotional Cues on Yelp Reviews. 2020

Matti, Joshua. ISFE Free Markets and Healthcare Research Workshop. The Location of Urban Healthcare Services: Evidence from Phoenix Yelp Reviews. 2020

McCrary, S. Cathy. Help Doctoral Students Retreat. My Doctoral Journey: Purpose, Goals, Vision. 2020

Rawls, Janita. Academy of Business Education Association. Learning Practical Competency in Online and Onsite Classes: Does delivery format make a difference? 2020

Ruiz Burgos, Carlos. 2020 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas. Deducing Generic Behavioral Indicators of Perceived Managerial and Leadership Effectiveness within the Healthcare Services Sector: A cross-case/cross-nation comparative study of managerial behavior in public hospitals

Saxena, Atul. International Webinar-COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities (Jabalpur, India) Challenges and Opportunities in the American Economic System. 2020

Schaller, Tracey. Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) 45th Annual Conference. The Economic Benefit from Tuition Savings for Dual Enrollment Students in Georgia. 2020

Shishkin, Dmitry. The 62nd Annual Western Social Science Association Conference. The deeper a discount you get, the more you pay: a thin margin between a loss leader and a bait and switch practices at markets for services with asymmetric information. 2020

Uvet, Hasan. DSI 2020 Annual Meeting. An Empirical Study: Impact of Performance-based Contracting Features on Quality Investment. 2020

Uvet, Hasan. Southeast Decision Sciences Institute. Investigation of the Supplier Selection Criteria in Performance-based Logistics Contracts. 2020

Weisel, James. WBM 2020 Business Teaching/Pedagogy International Research Conference. Analytics by Infusion (ABI): A Proposal to Implement Data Analytics into Introductory Undergraduate Business Courses. 2020