Student clubs and organizations are very popular at GGC, and academic/honorary clubs are no exception. The School of Business faculty works with business-related student clubs to assist students in exploring their passions and developing their leadership skills.

Student Clubs

Accountancy Student Organization

The mission of the Accountancy Student Organization is to provide an environment that allows for students to learn about the knowledge and skills required for a career in accounting or a related business field.


Reanna Berry, Assistant Professor of Accounting, 678.578.9073

Ben Akins, Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Taxation, 404.989.2952

Association for Supply Chain Management

The mission of the Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS) Student Chapter shall be to promote the study and utilization of best practices used in the supply chain industry through programs of professional development, industry partnerships, and community development.


Sanjaya Mayadunne, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems and Decision Sciences, 470.955.9396

Association for Information Systems

The Association for Information Systems is a registered student organization that supports students interested in pursuing careers in management information systems and is an affiliated student chapter of The Association for Information Systems.


Darryl Romanow, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems, 470.389.1384

Association of Latino Professionals For America

The GGC Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) Student Chapter empowers student leadership, creates opportunities to network into paid internships, jobs, and careers, and offers access to scholarship programs. Additionally, the organization delivers quality programs focused on professional development, provides access to ALPFA’s network of professional members and employers, and gives assistance to members to attend the national convention, regional collegiate symposiums and local student summits.


Carlos Ruiz-Burgos, Professor of Management, 678.407.5794

Luis Torres, Associate Professor of Marketing, 678.471.1355

Economics Club

The Economics Club is a forum for students interested in Economics to gather and discuss current events and hot topics. Economics faculty often join meetings, providing a unique, small group atmosphere for students to casually interact with economists and learn about a variety of fields, views, and career paths for aspiring, young students.


Mark Partridge, Assistant Professor of Economics, 404.938.5809

Philip Vinson, Assistant Professor of Economics, 678.502.0861

Empowering Business Women of Tomorrow

Empowering Business Women of Tomorrow (EBWT) strives to guide, inspire, and encourage members to realize their career ambitions by facilitating personal and professional growth, all while creating a sense of unity and friendship via a strong social network that will provide members with the resources to become and support successful business women.


Tracey Schaller, Associate Professor of Marketing, 770.366.1829

Marieke Schilpzand, Associate Professor of Management, 678.407.5404

Finance Club

The mission of the Finance Club is to educate and spread knowledge about all matters related to finance because finance is a fundamental and integral part of today’s society. The club also encourages future generations to be conscious of topics, such as: personal finance, corporate finance, and ethical financial practices and how it affects all individuals of society.


Grace Guo, Assistant Professor of Finance, 470.701.0957

International Business Club

The aim of the International Business Club is to help students and other interested individuals better understand the world of international business. The club offers engaging activities to increase cultural awareness and broaden global mindsets. A primary goal of the club is to increase awareness of issues faced by domestic as well as international businesses and organizations and help provide guidance for success in today’s globally-interconnected business world.


Howard Griffin, Assistant Professor of Management and International Business, 470.389.1372

Spero Peppas, Professor of Marketing and International Business, 678.407.5820

Jun Wu, Assistant Professor of Management, 470.701.0947

International City/County Manager Association (ICMA)

The mission of ICMA student chapter is to integrate and introduce students to the local government management profession. We facilitate the visits of local government officials to our campus, provide opportunities for students to gain valuable leadership skills, and aim to keep students aware of internship and scholarship opportunities within local government.


Andrew Stephenson, Assistant Professor of Economics, 678.517.5696

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club’s mission is to develop and educate the most prepared candidates for marketing careers. We focus on providing our members with the knowledge, tools, and encouragement needed to become world-class leaders in the field of marketing.


Tracey Schaller, Associate Professor of Marketing, 770.366.1829

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA, Inc.) is dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap for black professionals in the accounting, finance, and related business professions. Its mission is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors.


Yvonne Ellis, Associate Professor of Accounting, 404.450.4019

Cathy McCrary, Assistant Professor of Accounting, 678.526.3827

The Young Entrepreneur Network (YEN)

The Young Entrepreneur Network is focused on creating a network for entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs that helps them build and add value to their own businesses and to the GGC community.


Phillip Hartley, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Global Business, 678.628.0640

Jason Gordon, Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Management, 404,913.5297

Honor Societies

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

Beta Gamma Sigma is the international business honor society for AACSB-accredited schools, which are the top 5% of business school programs around the world. Inducted as students, BGS members go on to serve in critical leadership roles in corporate, entrepreneurial, government, non-profit, and academic sectors. Members currently reside in all 50 U. S. states and more than 190 countries. The mission of the International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business, to cultivate and celebrate leadership and professional excellence, to advance the values of the Society, and to serve its lifelong members.


Brett Young, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, 678.832.7212

National Society of Leadership and Success

The National Society of Leadership and Success is an organization providing leadership and success programming to students through experiential learning, professional guidance, and internationally renowned speaker content. Membership is by invitation only based on GPA, student classification, and leadership potential.


C. Douglas Johnson, Professor of Leadership and Management, 678.407.5771

Omicron Delta Epsilon: The International Honor Society for Economics

Membership into Omicron Delta Epsilon is reserved for students who are concentrating in economics, have completed 12 or more credit hours in economics, have at least a 3.0 GPA in their economics courses, and at least a 3.0 GPA overall. All inductees must also be invited by the GGC economics faculty to join. The society's primary purposes are to recognize outstanding scholarship in economics and to establish closer ties between economics students and faculty, both within GGC and beyond.


Wes Routon, Associate Professor of Economics, 470.955.0549