The GGC School of Business will be recognized for its dynamic undergraduate curriculum, grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, and devoted to ethical leadership, innovative approaches to education, and global understanding.


The GGC School of Business, as part of a diverse access institution, promotes a high quality learning community characterized by student engagement, a faculty dedicated to excellence, and continuous improvement in teaching, scholarship, and service. By offering an innovative undergraduate program which nurtures and advances intellectual inquiry, global perspective, critical thinking, communication skills, and ethical reasoning, the School of Business prepares individuals for careers within the region and the broader community.

Operating Values

The Vision and Mission are supported by the following values:    

  • dedication to a collegial and interactive environment that encourages an open and innovative exchange of ideas;
  • commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and student engagement;
  • respect for diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures;
  • engagement of stakeholders;
  • development and support of a faculty that embraces interdisciplinary endeavors; and
  • pursuit of continuous improvement.

In fulfillment of the Vision and Mission, the School of Business is committed to the design and delivery of an academic program which:

  • provides students with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for careers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors;
  • integrates educational technology and business education;
  • provides an interdisciplinary approach encouraging breadth and depth of intellectual inquiry;
  • prepares students for the challenges of a diverse and multicultural business environment;
  • encourages ethical behavior, reflective thinking, and service learning; 
  • embraces a teacher-scholar model; and
  • encourages a culture of student-centered learning