Teacher Education Candidate Learning Outcomes

The Teacher Education Programs at Georgia Gwinnett College are committed to preparing teachers who ensure that students reach high levels of achievement. GGC graduates are caring, competent, analytical, collaborative and adaptive. Research supports the central role of each of these domains in fostering student achievement. Each of these domains is operationally defined by a set of specific learning outcomes, which are expected of candidates in all programs.

Domain 1: Interpersonal Expertise

1.1   Candidates foster environments that reflect ethical behavior, respect, kindness, safety and care.

1.2   Candidates create culturally inclusive learning environments that capitalize on the developmental characteristics and life experiences of learners.

Domain 2: Content and Pedagogical Expertise

2.1 Candidates know the content they are expected to teach.

2.2 Candidates utilize a variety of content appropriate instructional strategies that maximize learning for all students.

2.3 Candidates seamlessly integrate technology into the design, delivery and assessment of learning environments and experiences.

2.4 Candidates manage learning environments to maximize student success.

Domain 3: Assessment and Analytical Expertise

3.1 Candidates assess student learning using appropriate assessment tools.

3.2 Candidates organize, analyze and interpret assessment data from multiple sources.

3.3 Candidates’ instructional decisions are data-driven.

Domain 4: Leadership Expertise

4.1 Candidates assume leadership roles in classrooms and other school/community environments.

4.2 Candidates collaborate effectively with peers, school personnel, families and community members.

Domain 5: Adaptive Expertise

5.1 Candidates exhibit routine and adaptive expertise for teaching.