The Nursing Program at GGC requires eligible students to have completed areas A-F from the Nursing Program of Study prior to the first semester of being enrolled in the first nursing course. Note: ITEC 1001, Introduction to Computing and PE, Physical Education may be taken after enrollment in the nursing program prior to graduation. A student applying to the Nursing program for Fall semester may not be enrolled in any science courses during the preceding summer semester.

  • Students who have been previously enrolled in a nursing program may apply to the GGC nursing program if they have received only one “D” or “F” in a nursing course. Additional information will be requested by the School of Health Sciences Admission Committee upon application.

The following criteria will need to be completed before seeking admission to the baccalaureate nursing program: 

  1. Declare a major in Exercise Science-Wellness Nursing Interest through enrollment registration .
  2. Be in good standing at Georgia Gwinnett College or other accredited academic institution with a 2.0 overall GPA.
  3. Minimum overall GPA of 2.5 in required general education courses for nursing and a minimum of a 3.0 overall science GPA (cumulative GPA of all required science courses: CHEM 1151K and CHEM 1152K or CHEM 1211K and CHEM 1212K; BIOL 2451K and BIOL2452K; and BIOL 2516K). 
    1. Course history will be evaluated in determining acceptance into program (this means that all attempts of all required courses will be used to determine overall GPA).
    2. A student who has received one D or F in a previous nursing course will have the grade calculated into the cumulative overall GPA.
    3. Science courses required for program must be less than 6 years old. Note: GGC has a policy that if a student repeats a course, the higher grade is recorded on the transcript; however, ALL grades will be used in determining overall general education GPA and Science GPA for admission to the nursing program. Withdrawals from courses noted on transcript are not used in GPA calculations.
    4. Courses not used in overall GPA can be reviewed for academic performance history.
  4. Complete the TEAS test; only the first two attempts will be reviewed. Note: the TEAS test must be taken within one (1) year of submitting an application. Minimum TEAS overall score must be a 70 or higher with a minimum of 60 in all sub scores of the exam.
  5. Obtain one (1) letter of recommendation from a faculty member of an accredited institution addressing your professional behavior, academic ethics and evidence to support why you would be a good nurse. Obtain one (1) letter of recommendation from a professional reference addressing your professional behavior and evidence to support why you would be a good nurse. 
  6. Complete and submit the volunteer verification form (PDF) documenting community service activity within the past 3-5 years. 
  7. Provide a typed-written personal statement, 500 words or less, addressing why you want to become a nurse and why you have chosen to apply to GGC’s nursing program.

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Requirements after acceptance into the Nursing Program and prior to first day of class:

  • Pay tuition and fees for the semester by payment deadline.
  • Complete medical or health form.
  • Submit proof of health insurance. Learn more about the health insurance requirement.
  • Provide valid American Heart Association CPR card.

Nursing programs, in general, are extremely competitive; therefore, we encourage you to apply to additional baccalaureate nursing programs. 

University System of Georgia Nursing Schools geographically located near Atlanta-metro area:

Private Institutions in the Atlanta-metro area: