Anthropology seeks to understand the complexities of life through a holistic examination of people and cultural systems, both contemporarily and archaeologically. As seen in the dramatic growth of the greater Atlanta metropolitan region – which has emerged as a global city shaped by diverse people and institutions with varying interests and levels of power – societal change reflects deep historical relations and can profoundly shape peoples’ lived experiences. Students minoring in anthropology will be exposed to the discipline’s four subfields (archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology and anthropological linguistics) and will acquire the theoretical, methodological and humanistic sophistication needed to professionally and compassionately engage with an increasingly diverse and complicated world.

The anthropology minor focuses on the application of anthropological knowledge and technique to confronting human problems and bettering society. The main research concentration areas that will structure students’ experiences in the minor center on the anthropology of environment, anthropology of heritage and preservation, and anthropology of inequities. These concentration areas will introduce students to a more inclusive study of human societies and allow for a nuanced understanding of humanity – past and present. Such approaches echo the college’s goals of introducing students to diverse, global perspectives and of becoming informed and empathetic citizens and community leaders. By positioning students in service of others and oriented around the practice of anthropology in various professional settings, this will greatly enhance students’ preparedness for future employment in Georgia and beyond.

Students who wish to minor in anthropology must take 15 hours of courses toward the minor. There are three required courses: ANTH 1102, ANTH 3010 or ANTH 4000 and ANTH 4900. Students will also take six hours of elective courses in anthropology or related disciplines (at least three elective hours must be within anthropology). At least 12 hours completed for the minor must be at the 3000 level or above. A grade of C or better is required in all courses counting towards the minor.

View the anthropology minor program plan (PDF).