Geography is the study of spatial distributions and interactions of peoples, places and environments throughout the world. The discipline describes, analyzes and represents these spatial phenomena. The world is built of countries and regions that are undergoing transformations at many different spatial scales – from the local to the global. Major sub-fields include human geography, physical geography, world regions, economic geography, cultural geography, environmental geography, world population, mapping science, urban/regional planning and global conflict. What unites these various topics is the spatial perspective.

Students who wish to minor in geography must take 15 hours of GEOG courses toward the minor. GEOG 1101 Introduction to Human Geography does not fulfill minor hours but serves as a prerequisite for many GEOG courses at Georgia Gwinnett College. A geography minor relates to practically any other discipline, but it particularly relates to fields with strong spatial sub-fields such as environmental science, history, criminal justice, biology and political science. View the course catalog requirements for a minor in geography.