A minor in sociology will prepare students to develop a framework for analyzing social relations from everyday life interactions to large-scale structural transformations. All sociology courses incorporate a theoretical, methodological and practical component, helping students to learn to think critically about the social world from the local to the global. Students who minor in sociology are better prepared to seek careers in the 21st century economy including the non-profit sector, government agencies, business and social services. 

Minor Requirements

Students who wish to minor in sociology must take 15 hours of SOCI courses. A successful minor will complete SOCI 1101 (Introduction to Sociology) and SOCI 1160 (Social Problems). Students may take 2000 level courses for credit toward the minor but at least 9 hours are required to be at the 3000 or 4000 level. All 4000 Special Topics courses in sociology will count toward the minor. View the course catalog requirements for a minor in sociology.