Bachelor of Science

Information technology (ITEC) is the multidisciplinary study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and system networks. At GGC, ITEC majors may focus on one of five areas: data science and analytics, digital media, enterprise systems, software development or systems security. Students whose academic concentration is in another field may also choose to minor in information technology.

ITEC professionals accomplish a range of tasks, from developing and installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases.

Information technology opportunities are present in almost every field – from business to healthcare, arts and entertainment, education, government, forensics and national security. ITEC majors graduate as knowledgeable professionals versed in computer hardware and software, databases, telecommunications, wireless technology and the Internet. They also develop the skills of effective communication, teamwork and leadership.

Five concentrations provide students opportunities for in-depth research and internships that prepare them to pursue a variety of careers.

Data Science and Analytics (DSA)

Data science and analytics (DSA) is a data-driven program applying different fields, including mathematics, computing and domain knowledge. Graduates of the DSA concentration satisfy the growing need for jobs requiring skills in effective analysis of data-intensive problems, meaningful communications with technical and non-technical audiences through data visualization, implementing solutions using standard data analytics processes, and recommending data governance solutions that are secure, ethical and minimize risk.

Digital Media

This concentration is for students interested in the full range information technology professions and is ideally suited for jobs involving digital media.

Enterprise Systems

This concentration is for students interested in information technology positions in business and prepares students with a core of ITEC topics as well as courses in business, management and marketing.

Software Development

This concentration is for students interested in the full range information technology professions and is ideally suited for jobs in software development. Fully online option available on

Systems and Security

This concentration is for students interested in the full range information technology professions and is ideally suited for jobs involving system networks and security of those systems.

Information Technology Minor

As technology advances, many fields have become increasingly computational in nature. Computer hardware and software are the essential tools for not only science and engineering fields, but also business and liberal arts disciplines. We could easily find applications of IT in biology, chemistry, mathematics, marketing, accounting, psychology, history, etc.

The purpose of the IT minor program is to provide non-IT major students an opportunity to gain more computational skills and knowledge in IT. The IT curriculum includes programming, database, network, information system, as well as professional practice and ethics. The elective gives students the option to enhance their knowledge in programming languages, security, e-commerce, computer graphics, system analysis and design.

Cybersecurity Certificate

Students who earn a cybersecurity certificate not only advance their information security skills, but also develop essential expertise in the concepts, technical aspects and information security principles necessary to increase job prospects and add to their professional portfolio.

The cybersecurity certificate coursework is designed for both GGC information technology students (other than system and security majors) and those in other programs of study who currently have some information technology knowledge and want to move into the cybersecurity field. The coursework also helps prepare students for industry certification opportunities such as the Microsoft Technology Associate, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ and the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Required Courses

  • ITEC 1001 – Intro to Computing, four credit hours, prerequisite: MATH 1111, ENGL 1101
  • ITEC 2140 – Programming Fundamentals, four credit hours, prerequisite: ITEC 1001; MATH 1111 
  • ITEC 2150 – Intermediate Programming, four credit hours
  • ITEC 2201 – Introduction to Info Systems, three credit hours, prerequisite: ITEC 1001, ENGL 0099
  • ITEC 3100 – Networking, three credit hours, prerequisite: ITEC 1001; ITEC 2140 
  • ITEC 3300 – Information Security, three credit hours, prerequisite: ITEC 2201 or BUSA 3100 and ITEC 2120 or ITEC 2140 additional requirement
  • ITEC 4310 – Operating System Security, three credit hours, prerequisite: ITEC 3300 
  • ITEC 4320 – Internet Security, three credit hours, prerequisite: ITEC 2150, ITEC 3100 and ITEC 3300 
  • ITEC 4000 – Cloud Computing (Elective), four credit hours, prerequisites: ITEC 3100, ITEC 3200