The School of Science and Technology (SST) maintains classrooms and laboratories to support the particular needs of its courses. All classrooms are outfitted with the latest educational technology systems and all GGC buildings have common-use Mac and PC computer labs for students. The SST state-of-the-art laboratories are in Building A and Building H.

Biology Laboratories, Equipment and Instrumentation

  • Biology & Ecology Dry Lab:  A1300
  • Anatomy and Physiology Lab:  A1310
  • Non-science Majors Lab:  A1350
  • Advanced Lab:  A1390
  • Lab Supervisor:  A1330
  • Lab Technician:  A1370
  • Lab Prep:  A1331, A1371

SST biology laboratories support a wide range of biology courses, from ecology and organismal biology, to biochemistry and molecular biology, to biotechnology in four different laboratories equipped to handle 24 students each. Students are supported with more than 250 model sets, kits and outfits for the study of plants, animals and humans along with a full-service dissection capability for specimen work.

Biology instruments include more than 70 optical microscopes of varying power and resolution; four (4) Milton Ray UV-vis spectrophotometers; VWR biophotometer; various refrigerators, freezers, ovens, incubators and water baths; thermocyclers; centrifuges and microcentrifuges; Millipore Direct Q UV water purification system; transilluminators; autoclave, and various smaller supporting instruments and equipment.

Chemistry Laboratories, Equipment and Instrumentation

  • General and Analytical Chemistry Lab:  A1195
  • Organic Chemistry Lab:  A1290
  • Instrumental and Physical Chemistry Lab:  A1190
  • Lab Supervisor:  A1230
  • Lab Prep:  A1270

SST has built chemistry and biochemistry laboratory and instrumentation capability to support the undergraduate lab program. The general and analytical chemistry lab provides hooded space, individual chemistry equipment sets and computer-driven chemistry experiment interfaces for 24 students. The organic chemistry lab provides hooded space and micro-scale equipment sets and supporting instruments for 24 students. The instrumental and physical chemistry labs use A1190, A1195 and A1290 as appropriate for the specific laboratory experiments. Major equipment and instrumentation includes computers driving the Vernier LabQuest system, two (2)  PerkinElmer Spectrum One FTIRs, two (2) Varian Cary 50 Bio UV-Vis’s, Shimatzu QP2010S GC-MS, Shimatzu 17A GC, 6 GOW-MAC GCs, Jade PerkinElmer DSC, Varian AA240FS AA, 14 Electrothermal Digital Mel-Temps, Parr Microscale Solution Bomb Calorimeter, two (2) PerkinElmer Lambda EZ150 UV-Vis, Varian HPLC with Prostar 210 Solvent Delivery system, and various smaller supporting instruments and equipment.

Environmental Health and Safety

  • Office:  A1210
  • Environmental health and safety management, training, audits, waste disposal.

Information Technology

  • Network Lab:  A1220 (the network lab under construction with instruments, equipment and peripherals to be determined)

Physics Laboratories, Equipment and Instrumentation

  • Lab:  A1280
  • Prep:  A1281

The physics laboratory provides students the opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments that investigate and reinforce the physical concepts that underlie Newtonian mechanics, wave motion, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics, electronics and radioactivity. The laboratory provides work space and computer-driven interfaces for 24 students. Major equipment includes: Dell computers driving six (6) PASCO Science Workshop interfaces with six (6) sets of PASCO motion sensors, photogates, smart pulleys, force meters, thermistors and G-M tubes; six (6) 2-m Sargent-Welch air tracks, air sources and glider sets; six (6) Fisher Scientific ballistic pendulums; six (6) Sargent-Welch coulomb and current balances; six (6) PASCO function generators, oscilloscopes, and high- and low-voltage power supplies; six (6) PASCO steam generators and thermal expansion apparatus; six (6) PASCO optics benches, slit sets, component carriers and mini-Lasers; six (6) PASCO mechanical wave drivers; and various smaller supporting instruments and equipment.

Research Laboratories, Equipment and Instrumentation

  • Lab:  A1190
  • Faculty and undergraduate research in biochemistry, chemistry and materials science.
  • Faculty research equipment and instrumentation plus access to all SST common lab equipment and instrumentation.

Store Room

  • Chemical and Biological:  A1360
  • Secure storage for chemicals, solvents and biologic materials as well as general storage for lab support.