Georgia Gwinnett College broke ground on its new instructional laboratory facility Friday, February 18 at 2:00 p.m. Less than six months later, on August 2, 2011, the ribbon was cut on the facility, which will enable the College to maintain state-of-the-art science instruction for a growing number of juniors and seniors enrolled in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines.

The new $7 million, 24,000 square-foot building will feature seven modern multi-disciplinary laboratories. They will be equipped with an advanced audio visual system, including high-definition and three-dimensional imaging capabilities. Each laboratory will accommodate 24 students.

The facility is designed for eventual incorporation into the College’s planned Allied Health and Sciences building. It will feature brick, glass and metal architecture that will complement existing campus buildings. The structure includes a row of laboratories, fronted by windows into an atrium-like hallway that will run the full length of the facility.

The building will house a computational resource center and two integrated classroom-laboratory spaces for anatomy and physiology, and physics. In addition three laboratories customized for physical science, chemistry and advanced biology courses and an interdisciplinary faculty-student research lab are included.

The laboratories will enable the College to enroll up to 8,500 students.