At GGC, if you are pursuing a degree in one of the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering or mathematics), you are required to demonstrate mastery through either a STEC-2500 or STEC-4500 research opportunity, or an authorized internship.

Overview of STEC-2500 and STEC-4500 Courses


STEC 2500 is an undergraduate research course tailored to engage freshmen or sophomore students in research at an early stage in their education. This course will allow students to have a better understanding of the research process and the scientific method. STEC-2500 also provides students with a strong background for STEC-4500 and other research opportunities.

Review faculty-mentored STEC-2500 research opportunities, or log onto MyGGC (Academics/SST, login required) for information.


You can expect to earn three credits for successfully completing the STEC-4500 course. You should start by finding a research project that has slots available (see list below). Then, you should obtain the permission of a faculty research supervisor, read the course syllabus and complete the STEC research agreement.

Review faculty-mentored STEC-4500 research opportunities, and log onto MyGGC (Academics/SST, login required) for information.