GGC participates in the Regents' Engineering Pathway (REP), which makes engineering programs more accessible to students throughout Georgia.

Participation in REP saves students money in tuition, fees, housing and meals, while attending college closer to home for the first two years of study. GGC professors also work closely with program coordinators from participating institutions to align program curriculum needs. This coordination assures a seamless transfer to the engineering school of choice to complete your bachelor's degree.

REP Transfer Options

REP Requirements

  • Satisfy all courses required for admission of regular transfer students to any of the participating institutions.
  • Complete all required math and science, as well as some engineering courses, at GGC (Listed in Appendix A of the REP Agreement (PDF) on the USG website).
  • Review REP information and the REP Agreement (PDF) on the USG website for more information.

Admission requirements, including GPA, vary at the partner institutions. Visit the institution's website to review requirements.