Approved internships provide students opportunities to apply classroom knowledge, skills and abilities into real-world experiences in a business, industry, service or government setting.

  1. Work with the internship coordinator to develop your internship opportunity in advance of the internship semester.
  2. Review the options below and additional information about SST internships on MyGGC (login required).

At the conclusion of internships, participants typically prepare reports and posters, summarizing their experiences to present at SST-sponsored events or off-campus academic conferences, or to publish in the appropriate literature.

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Enrollment: Students must secure an internship prior to their enrollment in the class and complete the application: Application for CHEM 4800 Internship (PDF).

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Enrollment: Students must have secured an internship prior to their enrollment in the class. Enrollment in ITEC 4900 is done by the coordinator; students do not enroll themselves in this class.

Steps/Requirements: You must have obtained junior standing or higher and have completed ITEC 2150 (Intermediate Programming), 3100 (Networking), 3200 (Introduction to Database), 3900 (Professional Practices) by the start of the semester in which you plan to intern.

Read the document Steps to Enroll in ITEC 4900 (PDF).

Complete the Application for ITEC Internship (MS Word doc) by the specified deadline for your intended semester:

  • Fall semester: March 10
  • Spring semester: Sept. 10
  • Summer semester: Jan. 10

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SST Sample Internships

  • Pharmacy: Learn pharmaceutical techniques and career information by interning at an approved pharmacy.
  • Teaching: Observe and practice lecture, assignment preparation and grading skills by interning with a GGC faculty member.
  • Public health: Various projects include: development of training materials for food service employees; tracking and assessing health code violations to determine patterns; provision of training seminars to facilities overseen by Gwinnett County Environmental Health Department.
  • Medicine: Learn about a specific health profession such as physician assistant or physical therapist at Gwinnett Medical Center.
  • Information technology: Various projects include software development, quality assurance (QA), digital media, Web applications, applied technology for business, IT managed services and database development and reporting.

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