TAP participation creates opportunities for student-driven, peer-to-peer instruction in introductory STEM courses and GGC outreach initiatives.


Students serving as technology ambassadors (TAs) work in a team of 3-4 students with a faculty instructor. TAs gain exposure to specific technologies, collaborate with faculty experts and achieve a deeper understanding by teaching what they’ve learned.

I was able to create a game from scratch! I enjoyed planning, designing and producing my game (with my group). The best part was the fact that we had the freedom to make anything we wanted. We were also able to demo and share it with middle school students, ITEC-1001 students and professors.

Examples of Specific Technologies

  • App Inventor
  • Arduino
  • GameSalad
  • Python using Earsketch
  • Flash
  • 3D printing

Group Deliverables

  • Create a tutorial.
  • Lead a workshop with newly-created tutorial for three IT general education classes.
  • Participate in GGC STaRS event in April or TAP Expo in fall.
  • Produce a poster with an abstract for CREATE Symposium at end of the semester.
  • Document team notes on project progress.

Individual Expectations

  • Assist as student leader in existing tutorial.
  • Attend one service learning activity.
  • Write reflection papers and journal the experience.
  • Update resume and cover letter.
  • Participate in external professional development activities.
TAP’s benefits for student participants