Student Success Courses: A Pathway to Success

Writing effectively and understanding math at a college level are crucial to your academic success. Having knowledge about campus resources, study skills, and other college-related tasks and processes is also important to your progress towards graduation. The classes and programs affiliated with the School of Transitional Studies help you get up to speed in these areas.

Learning Support Courses

If you do not place directly into college-level English and Math, GGC offers a corequisite learning support model that pairs Student Success courses in English and Math with corresponding college-level courses. You will have the same instructor for both the Student Success support class and the college-level class, and you will benefit from having extra time to learn the subject material and practicing strategies for academic achievement. This model maximizes your potential to succeed and helps you gain college-level competency in writing and mathematics while earning college-level credits.

If English is not your first language, you may benefit from registering for a composition section designated as English for Academic Purposes (EAP) ("E sections" of ENGL 0999). Professors who specialize in working with multilingual learners will help you gain the language skills and confidence you'll need to succeed in college-level English (ENGL 1101).

First-Year Seminar

GGC 1000 First-Year Seminar is a 1-credit course designed to increase your academic and personal success. This class covers subjects such as campus resources, study skills, time management, and major and career exploration. For students with 30 or fewer credits, it counts towards degree requirements and can substitute for one physical education activity course.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are intentionally linked courses designed around an area of interest or goal for student success. These classes are smaller in size, include at least one shared assignment, and offer a stronger network of support. These two to three courses count toward your degree requirements.

Students may register for a learning community during their Grizzly Orientation session. For more information, please view Learning Communities or send your questions to

Not sure if you need learning support?

Based on your high school GPA and standardized test scores, you may be required to complete ACCUPLACER placement testing to identify the correct English and/or mathematics course(s) for you.

Learn more and register to take the placement test.

Drop by or contact the Mentoring and Advising Center to learn more about your options and available student success advising.