Ready for your second chance? GGC has your back this summer.

GGC is proud to invite you to take advantage of Second Chance Summer. No one was prepared for the challenges brought during 2020, and GGC is here to help you make up some of the losses and take advantage of the lessons learned.

If you struggled and didn't complete key courses during 2020, GGC has specifically designed course sections to give you a second chance during the summer 2021 semester. Class sizes have been capped at half the size of a regular GGC course and set up with more individualized attention and enhanced academic coaching. There are even scholarships available.

A successful Second Chance Summer grade (A, B or C) replaces your earlier D, F or W in your grade point average (GPA).

Failing to complete a Second Chance Summer class has the same effect as failing to complete any class. See GGC Catalog for more details on academic standards of progression.


GGC students (not Dual Enrollment) who earned a D, F, W or WF in one or more of the following courses during the spring 2020, summer 2020 or fall 2020 semesters and have not yet retaken the course are eligible for Second Chance Summer. That's it!

  • ENGL 1101
  • ENGL 1102
  • MATH 1001
  • MATH 1111
  • MATH 1113
  • ITEC 1001


  • A spot in your second chance class(es) during the full session summer 2021 semester, May 24 – July 20 
  • Extra-small class size, allowing your instructor more time to connect with you
  • Online, hybrid or face-to-face course options
  • Dedicated academic support resources, like tutors in the classroom and student success workshops
  • Access to summer events – designed specifically for you – dedicated to graduation and career path planning
  • Special Second Chance Summer scholarship opportunities (login required) (limited availability)


  1. Log into Banner and select "Register for Classes."
  2. Select the semester "Summer 21."
  3. Select on the "Find Classes" tab.
  4. Navigate to the "Attribute" drop down menu and select "Second Chance Summer."
  5. Click the search button at the bottom of the page to see available courses.
  6. Click the "Add" button on the right side of the results menu to add the desired section(s) to the registration summary.
  7. Once all sections are added to the registration summary, click "Submit" to complete registration.