During Orientation and Beyond

  • Come to Grizzly Orientation on time, plan to stay the entire time, and come prepared with an open mind and good attitude.
  • Bring a picture ID.
  • Bring a sweater if you get cold easily and an umbrella if rain is in the forecast.
  • Make sure you pay for your classes BEFORE the deadline.
  • Be sure to check your Claw Mail (GGC email) for important information.
  • Be sure to check the Academic Calendar for upcoming deadlines and due dates.
  • Go to your classes each and every week.

Interact with Faculty and Staff   

Develop Connections with Your Peers

  • Check Grizzly Days opportunities on Get Involved.
  • Participate in study groups.
  • Check out student organizations.
  • Attend student activities. Find out what activities are available on Get Involved.


  • March through the Arch.
  • Go to Grizzly Days opportunities.
  • Join a student organization.
  • Learn who your Student Government Association members are. Consider running for freshman positions in SGA.
  • Volunteer.
  • Attend special events with invited speakers who can inform your thinking about a future career.

Develop Good Life Habits

  • Attend class.
  • Regularly check Claw Mail (GGC email).
  • Prepare for class (do your homework, preview reading, review notes).
  • Respect other people, in the classroom, in person and in email communications.
  • Remain open to new ideas.
  • Study effectively (set regular study times, use an organized study plan).
  • Get a planner (paper or electronic), and write in important dates.
  • Avoid behaviors that inhibit your success (skipping class, plagiarism, etc.).

Successful Students Do These Things

  • Interact with faculty and staff.
  • Develop connections with peers.
  • Participate in co-curricular activities and civic engagement opportunities.
  • Adopt responsible patterns of behavior.
  • Develop basic library research skills.
  • Develop basic critical-thinking skills.
  • Develop the ability to use appropriate technology to access campus resources.