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GED Recipients

If you are over 18 years of age (or your class has already graduated from high school) and your secondary schooling was interrupted – you can present a General Education Development (GED) equivalency for admittance purposes.

Your official GED test score reports will need to be mailed directly from the Technical College System of Georgia Office of Adult Literacy/GED to the GGC Office of Admissions.

If you have a GED a strong suggestion to you (but not a requirement) is to take either the College Board Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT). These results will be part of your portfolio. Learn more about testing.

Note that all GED applications must be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and an interview with you, the candidate, may also be required.

Learn about the testing requirements needed for admission.

GED cutoff scores

Traditional students – Minimum score of 260/2600 – regular admission

Non-Traditional students – Minimum score of 225/2250 – regular admission

See the GGC Catalog for more information.

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Homeschooled Students

If you were homeschooled or graduated from a non-accredited high school, you can still be considered for admission. You will need to:

  • Save the PDF of the Home School Admissions Portfolio (formerly the Home School Evaluation Form) to print and fill out to place with your portfolio of work
  • Submit a portfolio of your academic work
  • Submit official SAT/ACT scores
  • There are 17-unit RHSC areas that need to be shown you’ve completed in your portfolio (or, the SAT II Subject Tests)
  • You will need to have achieved the minimum SAT scores
  • All of these documents and scores will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee
  • You may be required to have an interview

For more information on homeschooled admission requirements view the GGC Catalog.

Required High School Curriculum Requirements (RHSC) for Homeschool and Non-Accredited High School Applicants

You must also show that you can demonstrate equivalent RHSC competence, which are required by the Board of Regents policy. If you have received credit from an accredited institution and curriculum providers you can submit official transcripts. The transcripts will be evaluated for the RHSC competence based on the requirements listed on the RHSC page.

Homeschool applicants who have credits from non-accredited institutions and curriculum providers, as well as applicants from non-accredited High Schools, you will need to submit a Homeschool/Non-Accredited High School College Preparatory Credit Evaluation Form (or a transcript in similar form) and one of the following:

  • SAT II or CLEP scores in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, American History and World History, and a foreign language. View the Home School Admissions Portfolio for the minimum score criteria
  • A detailed description of course work completed in each subject area that includes the subject title, course description, texts or program used and primary teacher as well as writing samples, reading lists, major projects and assignments, exceptional learning experiences and additional standardized test scores, such as the Iowa Basic Skills, that can be used to evaluate RHSC compliance. Each subject should be representative of one Carnegie Unit (or academic year) of study. The Admissions Committee will review the portfolio for RHSC compliance and at its sole discretion can recommend that an applicant has met some, all or none of the RHSC requirements.
  • Applicants who do not satisfy these requirements may still be admitted, but will be required to enroll in the appropriate courses (outlined above under the general "RHSC Requirements") to satisfy the RHSC deficiencies.

Homeschool Portfolio Review Procedures

Once you submit your portfolio there will be a review committee that will decide your potential for college level success. If the committee is not satisfied with the material submitted, they may ask for additional information from you as a condition for your admission. If their request is not satisfied, you will be denied admission.

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Post-Baccalaureate Students

If you have a Bachelor’s degree already, you will need to submit the following:

See the GGC Catalog for more information.

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You will need to apply for readmission if ...

  • you have not been enrolled at Georgia Gwinnett College for 12 consecutive months (three semesters)
  • you're a student changing your classification

If you do not enroll, the process must be repeated. You’ll need to submit the online admission application with a non-refundable processing fee and any other fees by the deadline for the term of the re-enrollment.

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Transient Students

If you are enrolled in a degree program at another accredited college or university, you can apply to Georgia Gwinnett College for transient status. You are a transient student if you expect to return to the college or university where you were previously enrolled and you have permission from that school to attend GGC.

  1. Submit an application and transient letter from the school you are currently attending. Please adhere to the application and document deadlines for the semester you plan to attend.
  2. Transient students are admitted on a semester basis only.
  3. There is no guarantee you will be able to sign up for the courses you desire.
  4. GGC is not responsible for advising you about courses that may be applicable to your program of study at your current college/university.
  5. You are responsible for making sure your transcripts from your transient classes is sent back to your home college/university – you will need to submit a written request to have the transcript sent back to your home institution.

For more information about entrance requirements, view the GGC Catalog.

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