Jose Gutierrez

Mr. Jose Gutierrez

Jose Gutierrez earned his bachelor’s degree from Georgia Gwinnett College in 2015. He was a charter member of GGC’s honors program and the first student to intern at the White House. With these experiences, he hopes to inspire current and prospective GGC students to seek higher education and assist them with transitioning into the college life.

Gutierrez is also a Gwinnett native and graduated from Parkview High School in 2010. He has always enjoyed living in the area and is now happy to serve it as an admissions counselor. One aspect of Gwinnett County that he admires the most is its diversity. Being raised in such a well-rounded setting gave him the tools to understand people of all backgrounds. “This advantage will transition into my new role as a counselor. I’m excited about meeting new people and catering to their specific needs”, he says. 

Aside from his counselor duties, Gutierrez spends his time on the road traveling with his siblings to soccer tournaments. Soccer is a family passion and is one of many ways they bond. However, during his personal free time, Gutierrez loves to hike and explore Georgia through photography.

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