I’ve applied but have not been contacted for an interview. 

The position may be filled by another candidate. You are welcome to apply for other positions, but application does not guarantee a call for interview or a position.

I’ve applied and interviewed, but haven’t been hired yet.

The position may have been filled by another candidate. Just like outside jobs, application and interview does not guarantee employment.

I have been offered a position. When can I start to work?

The Human Resources Department will contact you with information about starting your new position. They will let you know your start date. Your supervisor may also contact you after Human Resources has completed your hiring paperwork.

I don’t have a Federal Work-Study award on my award letter?

You may still be eligible for Federal Work-Study and may visit Financial Aid for verification. If you are not eligible for Federal Work-Study, there are available student assistant positions that do not require a Federal Work-Study award.

I worked a Federal Work-Study job last year; can I keep the same job the next school year?

Federal Work-Study jobs are not guaranteed from year to year, and Federal Work-Study students will have to be re-hired each school year.