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Student Experiences

You'll gain a greater understanding of the Grizzly college experience from recent #GGCgrads reflecting on their journeys. Your stories and theirs may share similarities and hopefully will inspire the successes you're on your way to achieving at GGC.

Benjamin Coker, '19
Nursing degree, business minor, former Mr. GGC

Ardit Berdyna, '19
Business administration degree, economics, international student

Sophia Cardot, '19
Biology degree, chemistry minor, future veterinarian

Eowyn Holley, '19
Biology degree, teacher certification, Peace Corps Prep

Karen Williams, '19
Early childhood education degree, non-traditional student

Nicholas Tyner, '19
Information technology degree, enterprise systems, award winning undergraduate research

Benedicta Tetteh, '19
Psychology, study abroad in Korea

Max Doster, '19
Political science degree, sociology minor, veteran

Majors and Programs of Study

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Academic Opportunities and Support

Your academic success is a priority at GGC, and you'll find faculty, staff and even your peers supporting and cheerleading your progress.

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Student Life

Enhance your Grizzly experience beyond the classroom. Join a student organization, explore the benefits of living on campus, participate in diversity or leadership training. Just get involved.

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At Georgia Gwinnett College, you’re invited to achieve success however you define it. You’ll have the support of leading professors, global opportunities and a community of peers to help you excel. So whatever you expect from college or from yourself, expect more at GGC.

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