Bakari Benton

Major: PsychologyBakari Benton

Graduation year: 2015

Clubs/Organizations you were a part of at GGC: Resident Hall Association (RHA), Gentlemen Of Distinction (G.O.D.), Greenlight Activities Board

How has GGC helped prepare you for where you are today?
My outside interactions of the classroom helped me to understand people more. Observing and interacting with so many individuals of all nationalities and ethnicities prepared me to deal with all sorts of individuals and personalities in and outside of the workplace. And for this, I am thankful.

Favorite memory about GGC: My favorite memory is the last GGC Residence Life Fashion Show that I curated (along with several other members of the GGC community). "Charged With Success" was the title, for my last one, we all went out with a bang in 2015. It was something that you had to be there to witness and see with a crowd of 600 plus in attendance. I will never forget the overall great times the fashion show (and GGC Residence Life) brought me over my entire college career.