Chase Goodwin

Major: Political scienceChase Goodwin

Graduation year: 2016

Job title: Political consultant

Clubs/Organizations you were a part of at GGC:
2016 Outstanding Student Service Award; State College Sector Leader for Student Advisory Council, Board of Regents, University System of Georgia (2015-2016); GGC Grizzly Task Force on Community Policing (2015- 2016); Student Government Association president (2014-2016); Global Civic Engagement Program (Cohorts 2014, 2016); resident assistant (2014-2015); orientation assistant (2013-2014); Political Science Student Association president (2013-2014); GGC Registered Student Organization Budget Allocation Committee (2013-2014); Parking Appeals Committee (2013-2014); International Student Association president (2012-2013); Caribbean Student Association events coordinator (2012-2013); GGC Quality Enhancement Plan Committee (2012-2013)

How has GGC helped prepare you for where you are today?
GGC has prepared me for life after college in ways I would have never imagined. In the classroom, I was able to take advantage of having professors that were practitioners with current, real-life experiences. My involvement outside of the classroom was just as important in my holistic development. I learned vital life skills in working with, leading and advocating for diverse populations. Today, I feel confident in my ability to take on any challenge in an evolving world.

Favorite memory about GGC:
Although GGC provided countless amazing memories during my time there, my participation in the 2016 Civic Engagement Program to the Dominican Republic holds a special place. During this trip, I fully submersed myself in the rural communities in the north and west parts of the country. Through my head, heart and hands, I learned what true service is and how to implement beneficial, sustainable programs that actually help communities. There will always be a special bond with the staff, students and communities I served, and served with, in the Dominican Republic.