Jonathan Flores

Bachelor of Science in chemistry, 2017
Master of Science in chemistry, 2018, Georgia Institute of TechnologyJonathan Flores

Technical sales manager, Tosoh

Describe what you do and how GGC may have played a role to prepare you for success in your job.
I manage the technical sales and marketing for Tosoh’s North and South American ethyleneamine and semiconductor business. GGC helped me develop a strong foundation in chemistry and research through its excellent curriculum and undergraduate research (STEC) courses. My chemistry professors were approachable and eager to share their extensive academia and industry insights, which helped me understand my career options. Today, I enjoy a rewarding career thanks to everything I learned while I was at GGC.

Describe what you hope to do once you've earned your graduate degree and how GGC may have played a role to prepare you for success in your graduate program.
In 2018, I earned my Master of Science in chemistry from Georgia Tech (GT). I believe GGC adequately prepared me for the challenging coursework at GT, however, I quickly realized I wanted a career outside of research and development. Graduate studies at Georgia Tech refined several skillsets I picked up while at GGC, which serve me well in technical sales and marketing.

Has your life changed since graduation, and if so, how has earning a degree contributed to that change?
My life changed drastically since graduating from GGC and GT. I was able to get married and dive right into my dream career! Notably, I graduated debt free from both GGC and GT and enjoy what I consider to be financial freedom. My wife also graduated from GGC (Bachelor of Science in biology) and will soon begin her physician assistant medical program. Our degrees have afforded us fantastic opportunities.

Why do you give back to GGC through donations and volunteering your time?
GGC is one of the few four-year colleges that aims to provide quality education at an affordable cost. The college at-large showed it really cared about me, and I even developed long-lasting friendships (shout out to Dr. Joshua Morris). I want others to have a similar experience while at GGC and for them to go on to achieve all their goals and aspirations.