Favorite memory about GGC:Lawana J. HaynesMajor: Psychology

Graduation year: 2010

Where do you work? Enrollment Management, Financial Aid

Clubs/Organizations you were a part of at GGC: PSYC Club as Program Chair; worked with the Summer Technology Camp for middle and high school students

How has GGC helped prepare you for where you are today?
GGC has prepared me to explore new possibilities as I was a non-traditional student who made a career change. The College made the transition a very smooth process. I gained skills from my professors through student conferences. They were encouraging in helping me to develop graduate school options and they nurtured the necessary skills considered desirable to gain acceptance into graduate school and find employment. Because of the hands-on approach that GGC’s professors take, I credit them and the school in assisting me in graduating – creating many opportunities for me.

Favorite memory about GGC:
My most memorable event at GGC was being given the opportunity to attend a student research conference at Virginia Commonwealth University. Two other classmates accompanied me to this event in Richmond, Va., where we presented our research projects. We were encouraged and accompanied by Dr. Holly Haynes of the psychology department. At the conference, I met students from other colleges and universities, received helpful critiques on my work from visiting professors in psychology, got to know my classmates better and began seriously considering graduate school as a viable option. The trip sparked an interest, which led to more opportunities to develop skills and be successful at Georgia Gwinnett College and beyond. It was an excellent opportunity.