Shelby Myers

Bachelor of Science in early childhood education, 2017
Master of Arts in teaching, Piedmont College
Education Specialist, University of West GeorgiaShelby Myers

Teacher, Gwinnett County Public Schools

Describe what you do and how GGC may have played a role to prepare you for success in your job.
I have been a kindergarten teacher for four years now. GGC has given me the tools to teach in the classroom and now also online! GGC helped me not only learn how to be a teacher, but also how to fill out my resume. I also got support in certification and hiring, and continued support after graduation.

Describe what you hope to do once you've earned your graduate degree and how GGC may have played a role to prepare you for success in your graduate program.
With my graduate degree, and as I am still pursuing degrees, I hope to use what I have learned from GGC to further my education and better help myself in the classroom. I hope to take what I’ve learned from the past and the present to better reach my students every day.

Has your life changed since graduation, and if so, how has earning a degree contributed to that change?
I have been working for four years, I have built my family, and completed multiple hurdles in my life. GGC helped my transition into the workplace and made it very easy. I was able to use the skills I’ve learned through leadership to help build my family and support them. I also got support from my fellow professors and dean for when I battled multiple challenges in my personal life. I knew they were always here for me.

Why do you give back to GGC through donations and volunteering your time?
GGC gave me so much while I was there; I give back in order to say thank you to the school that helped shape who I am. Donations and volunteering are only a small portion of the bigger picture that GGC is.