Major: Business ATaylor Isenbergdministration

Graduation year: 2011

Clubs/Organizations you were a part of at GGC: Student Government Association, Alumni volunteer with Grizzly Athletics

How has GGC helped prepare you for where you are today? GGC has certainly had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. The School of Business does a tremendous job of offering both a diverse course catalog and a diverse set of professors with many different backgrounds and skillsets. I consider the knowledge I obtained during my time at GGC to be invaluable. I continue to use the knowledge, skills and insights in my career today.

Favorite memory about GGC: I feel that I have a very unique perspective being part of the college's inaugural freshman class. Witnessing GGC's growth from that small, two-building campus in the fall of 2007 to what it is now has been an extraordinary experience. We all took a chance back then on a new campus with seemingly impossible high goals – GGC has conquered them all and continues its remarkable achievements to this day. One of my fondest GGC memories is undoubtedly having the chance to vote on the school's mascot (I was more than ecstatic that the Grizzlies were selected). I vividly remember being in Building B for its unveiling back in 2008. Now, Grizzly Athletics, in typical GGC fashion, has a gorgeous athletics complex and seven national championships under the leadership of Dr. Darin Wilson and his staff.