Tim Foster

Major: Business administration, accounting concentrationTim Foster

Graduation year: 2011

Employer: Masters Capital Management, LLC

How has GGC helped prepare you for where you are today?
I had been in the business world for a number of years prior to enrolling at Georgia Gwinnett College (“GGC”) to complete my degree. Initially, I figured it would just be a process or another box to check to begin my climb up the ladder. However, during my tenure at GGC, I learned many things from a scholastic standpoint as well as building relationships. The friendships I’ve made at GGC with both the staff and students has emboldened me and helped me in the preparation of building those enduring relationships in the business world.

Favorite memory about GGC: As a non-traditional student, my time on campus was limited, but there were many memories. Even though no one memory sticks out more than another, the time I spent inside and outside of class with the friends were fantastic. We all got to know each other through our laughter and through our struggles.